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GNEPH is a full-category underwear brand integrating R&D design, manufacturing, marketing, Internet commerce, industrial operation and other modern enterprise management structures. Gneph has successively cooperated with more than a dozen large underwear factories, focusing on the American markets, and striving to extend the brand cultural of GNEPH brand, "Dressing Beautifully & Conveying Love" to every cities in the United States.

GNEPH underwear is a cost-effective e-commerce underwear brand with comfortable, healthy and fashionable design concepts. GNEPH adheres to the underwear wearing culture of "fashion and health" and the innovative concept of "dressing beautifully, conveying love". Aiming to bring high-quality, comfortable, stylish healthy and glamorous underwear to our customers, GNEPH has invested a lot to research on the American body shape, adopted to environmental-friendly, healthy and comfortable fabrics. GNEPH has always taken women's health as the core concept of the brand. Every piece of underwear created must bring comfort, elegance, health and style to every woman.

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